Who We Are

Behold the legend, the original frog with thug life glasses that has captivated the hearts of meme enthusiasts across the globe. Presenting Matt Pepe, the ultimate tribute to the real father of Pepe, Matt Furie.

This token $MattPEPE is dedicated to the true father of Pepe, Matt Furie. True believers will find his name, and the disguised liar @pepecoineth will eventually be washed away by the tide.

Matt Furie, a visionary artist and the creator of the iconic Pepe the Frog.
He’s an American comics artist and illustrator known for creating Pepe the Frog, a character from his boy’s club series that debuted in 2005 and became a popular Internet meme during the last decades.

“Matt Pepe A meme coin that pays tribute to the legendary Matt Furie, creator of Pepe. Join us on an exciting journey as we celebrate the iconic Pepe with limitless fun and endless possibilities!”

Together, we create crypto history.